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Sharon Yancey

Sharon Yancey is the Founder and Director of the Matthew Initiative.   While at her last church, Roswell United Methodist church, she discovered there was a great need for churches to receive help with children’s ministries programs.   These churches fell into two categories:  New churches with limited resources, and churches who needed to re-build their children’s programs because young families and children were no long coming , also with limited resources and staff expertise.   Through an amazing series of events, The Matthew Initiative was incorporated in February 2010.

Sharon has been revitalizing churches her entire professional career.  Following graduation from Asbury Theological Seminary, she interned at Wesley’s Chapel in London, England.   She re-started the Sunday School program with children from the east end of London and that program continues to this day.  Sharon has been part of the revitalization of the following churches since moving to Atlanta with her husband Steve:  Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Northbook United Methodist Church and most recently, Roswell United Methodist church where she founded Kidz Zone.  While she was at Roswell the program grew from 180 to 400 children with over 75 volunteers each week.   She passionately believes that children’s ministries can be the spark that can change a church’s future.


Jordan Yancey Black

Jordan Yancey received her Master of Arts Degree in Christian Education from Asbury Theological Seminary in May of 2010.   She is working with her mother, Sharon Yancey, in the churches of the Matthew Initiative.  Jordan has been working in new churches since she became interested in Christian Education, including Liberty Hill UMC in Canton, Georgia, Embrace Church in Lexington , Kentucky and most recently The Bridge church in Cartersville, Georgia.   Jordan did internships at Willow Creek Community church in Chicago, Illinois and Athens Church while in college.  Athens Church is one of the network churches of Northpoint Community Church .   Jordan was named the outstanding student in Christian Education by the faculty of Asbury Theological Seminary in May of 2010. Jordan lives in the John’s Creek area with her husband, Zeak.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sharon
    Will Zant is my nephew. We are enjoying Thanksgiving together on SS island as we have since he was born. He had just shared your vision with me. I would love to know more. Please contact me when you have time in the next few weeks. I live in Athens. Please email or call me 7065407005. Cell.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Paul:

      I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving on St. Simons Island, and am certain you are warmer than we are here in Atlanta. What a wonderful family tradition!
      I will look forward to talking with you the first of the week about The Matthew Initiative, a vision much bigger than I am right now. Blair will be one of our clergy celebrity dancers at our gala on the 1st of February, and we predict she will be a show stopper. Will and Blair are very special to us.
      We are currently working at Princeton UMC in Athens, and that church is a great example of just what God can do with an invisible church on the corner.
      So, thanks for your e-mail and if there is a good time for us to talk next week, just let me know.
      My cell is 404-431-7592 so you will know who is calling.
      Have a wonderful and restful weekend.

      Sharon Yancey
      The Matthew Initiative, Inc.

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